Interior Painting Provides a Fresh Perspective

Interior Painting Provides a Fresh PerspectiveMost homes, whether new or pre-owned, are originally designed to attract potential homeowners, and the best way to draw people into a house is to make it look like they could possibly live there. To do this, home builders and realtors intentionally create a neutral look, which means light-colored carpets, wood cabinets, beige countertops, and most importantly, there’re going to be lots of white walls. However, when you move into a new house, you want to make it feel fresh and comfortable, and there’s nothing more boring and lifeless than being surrounded by drab interior painting.

Get the White Out
As we’ve said before: never underestimate the power of a fresh coat. Though white walls can certainly open up a space, if every surface lacks color, it can also feel claustrophobic. They can be neutral and modern, but white walls also tend to look institutional and impersonal. Plus they’re hard to keep clean and they quickly reveal any imperfection. You always want your home to feel, well, homey. And the only way to do this is to give your walls a splash of life. And don’t fear brave color choices: bold statements often lead to pleasing results. Here are some tips to help you get started in your color quest.

Selection Stress
The toughest part of interior painting is the selection process. What color works best for which walls? What will each room cost? To ease the stress, always focus on one crucial design principle: Matching.
Match Your Taste: Don’t worry about color coordination. It’s your house, so don’t listen to anybody’s opinions but your own. You’re the one who has to look at the walls everyday, so choose whatever is most appealing to you and you alone.
Match Your Décor: If you don’t know what you want, look at rest of the house. Consider your furniture, decorations, and style and harmonize with other room colors. Think about borders or wall paper and how to make everything feel uniform.
Match Your Mood: Each room comes with a different mood. A family room wants to be active, a kitchen wants to be airy, an office wants to be studious, and a bedroom wants to be cozy. Make sure you match the ambiance of each room’s function.
Match the Size: Think of the room size and how interior painting will affect it. Darker colors are moodier and cramp an area, whereas lighter colors can open up a space, so be careful about color shades as you make your selection.

Daring Design
After most homeowners get their paint swatches, debate different shades, and make a final selection, people tend to have a very universal concept about interior house painting: cover the entire room in one color. But why not get more creative? Don’t be afraid of experimentation. Unique, custom paint jobs have become quite popular and can really make a room pop. Here are some creative options you may want to consider:
Accent Walls: Accents have become a growing trend in interior home painting. In fact, you can actually compliment your other three walls by covering a fourth wall with a bolder, contrasting shade.
Faux Finishes: Creatively texture your walls in order to create mood and depth.
Murals: Turn your walls into actual artwork. Hire a professional artist to paint a picture in the nursery. Use stencils to create a new border in the kitchen. Or maybe rubber stamp a striking pattern across your bathroom wall.
Unusual Surfaces: Why not paint your floors, ceiling, tile work, cabinets, or wood paneling? It may be interesting to turn these overlooked areas into unique focal points.

Professional Interior Painting
When it comes to custom paint jobs, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional. They are better trained to work on uncommon projects. In fact, when it comes to any interior home painting, professional painters are well-equipped with experience and know how to deal with taping, trim work, baseboards, and any other problematic dilemmas. But even if you hire a pro, there are still some things you can do to prepare for their arrival:
Room Removal: Before you paint, always remove all furniture and wall fixtures, including towel bars and electrical outlet covers.
Lay the Groundwork: Put down and secure a drop cloth to protect your floors. Also, fill in any holes and thoroughly clean the walls.
Prime the Project: You may have to use primer to make the project go faster. If you’re going to apply a lighter color over pre-existing dark hues, bright shades, or oil-based paint, you’ll always need to prime your walls first.

Black Bathroom Accessories and Their Elegance

People often overlook black bathroom accessories as the color of choice for redecorating one’s bathroom. While you may not want ebony bathroom walls, black can help accentuate your bathroom with the use of well thought black bathroom accessories. This is an elegant and solid color that can bring a pop of color to your bathroom. It is just a matter of choosing the right accessories to make your bathroom more appealing. Here are a few ways to incorporate black into your bathroom accessories:


One of the centrepieces for any bathroom is the mirror. They are there so putting make up on, shaving and just admiring your body can be done a lot easier. Also, they are great for mirror selfies so it is important that you have a beautiful one to really capture that great shot. Cleverly placed mirrors are also a great way to make your bath space seem bigger than it actually is. Making use of black framed mirrors can be a great way to really make your vanity pop, especially when contrasted with a white or cream wall.

Sink Accessories

It is said that the accessories often found in the bath and the way they are arranged reflect the personality of the homeowner. If you are looking for a modern look in organizing your stuff, there are now black tissue dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders available in the market. Although black may not be the first color of choice for most people in the past, more and more people are now turning to this color in order to achieve a more modern and sophisticated look for their bathroom.


Another centrepiece in one’s bathroom is the throne or more commonly known as the toilet. Today, people spend a lot of time in their toilets especially when they have their handheld gadgets with them in this partucular area of the home. There are different ways to make your toilet more comfortable such as buying toilet seats that offer comfort and beauty. Toilet seats are no longer bought just for functionality; they are also used for their decorative value.

Faucet fixtures

Faucets today do not need to be just run of the mill kinds. There are now a variety of shapes and designs to choose from. But what is truly gaining in popularity is the black faucet fixture. Most often these are mounted on the edge of the sink. However, if you really want to add more elegance to your bath space, it is now possible to have wall-mounted faucets. Do not just settle for chrome faucets, there are plenty of other colors to choose from but the black one will surely help in achieving a modern and elegant theme for your bathroom.

Bathroom accessories are not only bought for their functional use these days, instead they are now used to make one’s private space more interesting and appealing. These bath items will surely give a more interesting contrast to your home. When adding these black bathroom accessories, it is important to remember to keep your bathroom well lit. A well-lit bathroom with black accessories will surely give the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Make a Stylish Entrance

Make a Stylish EntranceAn attractive, welcoming entrance does more to greet friends and family than any other element of your home’s exterior. But, don’t forget that your entrance is much more than just your front door. Your walkways, your landscaping, your lighting and your front porch are all part of that first entry impression.

Most front entrances do little more for your home than serving a purpose, letting occupants and visitors in and out. Ironically, this is also an area where you can make a huge impact without breaking the bank.

Take a look at the front of your home. Does your front door have any accents? Trim work? Is the paint cracking and peeling? What is the state of your landscape? Does your current lighting scheme work?

Here are some easy ways to make a big difference in your front entry:


  • Replace the old door with a newer model of the same size. This will spare you the cost of resizing the opening, and still give you a lot of bang for your buck. Many models are built to fit into existing woodwork, which will also spare you the cost of having to replace the entire unit.
  • Add an attractive storm door to protect the entry door and keep heat inside in the winter, and bugs out in the summer. Choose a door with a movable sash to allow for more flexibility.
  • Trim the exterior of the door with finish carpentry such as columns and a crosshead pediment to extend the width of the door. Ask your carpenter about high-density urethane foam millwork, a great option to high maintenance wood.


  • Outdoor lighting can go a long way to create a warm welcoming effect for your guests. Lighting installed above or at both sides of the front door are good options.
  • Routinely check that all front lights are working and be sure to turn them on in the evening. You don’t want guests tripping because they can?t see well.
  • Adding ground-level lighting along your walkway. Solar-powered lights are an easy-to-install, inexpensive way to go.


  • Keep walkways swept free of debris and the clutter of children’s toys. Not only does this look nicer, it prevents accidents from happening.
  • Make that dingy walkway look brand new again by getting it power-washed.


  • Add inviting, comfortable chairs to your front porch. This creates a welcome setting, not to mention an additional room, in the summer months.
  • Consider adding a hummingbird feeder or plants that attract butterflies around your porch. The sights and sounds of nature can add a very peaceful feeling.


  • Maintain your landscaping by keeping shrubs trimmed and weeding the area. An overgrown landscape gives the impression of an unkempt home, as well.
  • Cut some fresh flowers from your garden to display just inside your entryway. This brings a little of the outdoors in and creates continuity from your front entrance walkway into the home.